By integrating Taplytics' mobile A/B testing and experiment tools with Amplitude, you can:

  • Share all user data between the platforms in real-time.
  • Let non-technical product and marketing team members to do full-circle tracking, analysis, and engagement across mobile apps.
  • Share experiment data from Taplytics to Amplitude upon startup.

About Taplytics

Taplytics provides cross-platform A/B testing solutions, and this integration exports Taplytics experiment data to Amplitude.

When the Taplytics SDK is installed alongside Amplitude, your existing and future analytics events are sent to both Amplitude and Taplytics. Measure the impact of your Taplytics experiments by segmenting your Amplitude funnels, retention, and more by variations your users were exposed to.

Set up and use the integration

For detailed instructions, see the Taplytics documentation. The integration uses Amplitude's Attribution API endpoint.

Taplytics sends experiment data as a single event to Amplitude. The event is named TL_experiments and includes the experiment data as properties.

The properties for all sources are formatted like this:

2"Experiment One":"Variation One",
3"Experiment Two":"baseline"

For Android integrations, Taplytics logs experiment and variation events to the Amplitude Android SDK as follows:

1HashMap<String, String> experimentsAndVariations = new HashMap<>();\
2experimentsAndVariations.put("Experiment 1", "Variation 1");\
3experimentsAndVariations.put("Experiment 2", "Variation 3");
5Amplitude.getInstance().logEvent("TL_Experiments", experimentsAndVariations)

For iOS integrations, Taplytics logs experiment and variation events to the Amplitude iOS SDK as follows:

1NSDictionary* experimentsAndVariations = @{
2 @"Experiment 1": @"Variation 1",
3 @"Experiment 2": @"baseline"
6[[Amplitude instance] logEvent:@"TL_Experiments" withEventProperties:experimentsAndVariations];
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April 22nd, 2024

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