This integration combines Amplitude's analytics with Singular's attribution tools into a unified system. Using this integration helps non-technical product and marketing team members identify the marketing channels and product features and with the best user retention and engagement.


Singular uses the Amplitude Attribution API to send data to Amplitude. Make sure you understand how the Attribution API works before setting up this integration.

About Singular

Singular transforms how marketers interact with data by providing the infrastructure that sits on top of their current marketing stack. It unifies the three core data sets: media sources, attribution and internal BI. It provides the tools to address the ever-growing complexities of the marketing ecosystem and help businesses scale now and into the future as their single source of truth.

Set up and use the integration

You can find detailed instructions on setting up and using this integration in Singular's documentation. There are no setup steps in Amplitude.

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April 22nd, 2024

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