RevenueCat provides subscription infrastructure for mobile apps. It allows developers to deploy cross-platform subscriptions, manage products and subscribers, and analyze customer data without managing servers or writing backend code.

Use this integration to create a behavioral cohort of customers based on specific actions, like performing an event after subscribing, or measure the path of a user from viewing marketing content to subscribing.



Amplitude setup

Before you begin, you need your Amplitude project API key.

If you're using an Amplitude SDK, set user ID to match the RevenueCat user ID to match users. See RevenueCat's documentation for detailed instructions.

RevenueCat setup

  1. In RevenueCat, navigate to your project in the dashboard and find the Integrations card in the left menu.
  2. Choose Amplitude from the Integration Menu.
  3. Enter your Amplitude API key.
  4. Name the events that RevenueCat sends, or choose to use default event names.
  5. Choose whether you want RevenueCat to report proceeds (after app store cut) or revenue (gross sales).
  6. When finished, select Add Integration.

See detailed instructions for this integration in the RevenueCat documentation.

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April 22nd, 2024

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