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This article covers some frequently asked questions about the Plus plan.

What is the difference between the Plus and Growth plans?

The Growth plan includes everything in Plus, as well as:

  • Unlimited cohorts
  • Cart Analytics
  • Conversion drivers
  • Forecasting and anomaly detection
  • Deeper behavioral insights (Impact Analysis, Engagement Matrix, Personas, etc)
  • Custom metrics and templates
  • SSO
  • Custom data retention
  • Onboarding and customer success

When does my subscription renew?

Your subscription will automatically renew every 12 months if you are on the annual plan, or the first of every month if you are on the monthly plan.

What happens if I go over my quota?

Overage fees are calculated based on any monthly tracked users (MTU) in excess of the Plus plan volume at the end of each month. The applicable overage fee schedule is determined by your current Plus plan MTU tier, and is calculated as follows:

MTUs Price per MTU overage for annual plan Price per MTU overage for monthly plan
1,000 $0.050 $0.063
5,000 $0.020 $0.025
10,000 $0.020 $0.025
25,000 $0.020 $0.025
50,000 $0.020 $0.025
100,000 $0.010 $0.013
200,000 $0.010 $0.013
300,000 $0.010 $0.013

Overage fees for Plus plan customers who purchase event volume are calculated based on the number of events in excess of the purchased Plus plan volume at the end of each month, calculated at 1.5 times the purchased per-event rate.

What is an MTU guardrail?

To maintain quality service and protect against unexpected surges, we’ve incorporated a guardrail of an average of up to 1,000 events per MTU.

For example, a customer who purchases 10,000 MTUs can ingest up to 10,000 MTU x 1,000 events = 10M events in aggregate per month. Most customers will never hit this limit. If you do go over this limit, each additional 1,000 events (or portion thereof) will be converted to one MTU and charged according to the overage fee schedule.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time before your next renewal period. You will have access to your Plus plan until the end of your current subscription period. 

For more information on MTUs and billing, please see the Help Center article on MTU billing.

How can I turn off automatic renewal for my subscription?

Navigate to Settings > Organization Settings > Plans & Billing > Manage Billing to cancel your subscription.

This option is available to the user who originally made the purchase, and all admins in your organization.

What terms apply to my purchase and use of the Plus plan?

Amplitude's Terms of Service, as amended and supplemented by the Plus Plan terms, apply.

Who can help me with billing and invoice questions?

For questions related to billing and invoices, please reach out to

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July 12th, 2024

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