Debug with the Amplitude Chrome extension

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  • Debug your instrumentation in real time, without opening Amplitude Analytics

The Amplitude Instrumentation Explorer is an extension in the Google Chrome Web Store that helps you examine and debug your Amplitude JS SDK instrumentation just by interacting with your product. It will capture each Amplitude event you trigger and display it in the extension popup. Download it here.

The Instrumentation Explorer displays the event_type , even when it has a different display name.  

View your triggered events

In the Instrumentation Explorer, the Events tab is where you'll find detailed insights into the parameters of each event you trigger on your website. This includes user_id, device_id, event_properties, and user_properties.

To switch between the different Amplitude projects that are receiving your events, select it from the Project dropdown. Each Amplitude project is distinguished by an abbreviated API key.

To clear all the events from your popup, click Clear Events.

To hide specific event types, click the "Invisible" icon:


To copy your events' event and user property parameters, click the "Copy" icons:

Copy your events

View your configuration options

To view the configuration options you've set for each project's SDK, click the API Options tab:

Plugin options

View your hidden events

To see a list of your hidden events or to display events on the webpage as they are triggered, click the Settings tab.

Hide events

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June 28th, 2024

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