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Up Your Product Game With a Personalized Workshop For Your Company

Learn how to ask powerful questions, create a product-led strategy, and map product flywheels, with Amplitude’s product strategist, John Cutler

What to Expect

During a 30 minute discovery call with our product strategist, John Cutler, we’ll discuss your needs and then recommend an exclusive, tailored workshop based on your company’s unique questions and goals. 

These interactive virtual sessions are designed for 2 to 30 people and are applicable for a diverse group of people from your team. You’ll walk away with a foundation for your improved product-led strategy and templates to put it into practice with your organization immediately. 

Popular Sessions

North Star Framework

Communicate a product-led strategy with an accessible framework of input and output metrics

Question Storming 

Surface better questions to guide your insight gathering efforts

Engagement Ladder

Map your customer journey and identify potential growth loops

Digital Optimization Roadmap

Create a roadmap for for your digital optimization efforts

Ask Me Anything

 Ask your burning questions and understand how other customers are tackling common challenges

John Cutler

About John

John is a Product and Growth Evangelist at Amplitude. As a former UX researcher at AppFolio, a product manager at Zendesk,, AdKeeper and RichFX, a startup founder, and a product team coach, John has a perspective that spans individual roles, domains, and products. He is keenly focused on user experience and evidence-driven product development and mixes and matches various methodologies to help teams deliver lasting outcomes for their customers.

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Digital Disruptors Use Amplitude

See why more than 45,000 digital products at companies like Ford, Atlassian, Anheuser Busch InBev and use Amplitude to answer strategic questions about how customers use their products and maximize business outcomes.

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