Recognizing the leaders who are developing boundary-breaking, business-making products.


Nominations are now closed. Come back in May when we announce the winners and finalists.


Hey, product people. This is for YOU.

Product 50 is the list for product people. It’s the new establishment of product influencers, innovators, and visionaries. We’re talking about boundary-breaking, business-making, world-shaking, customer-delighting, “up and to the right” product leaders. The people pioneering digital-first products, transforming age-old companies into it-players, and advising the most successful teams through the product development process.

Who knows product innovation better than anyone else? You tell us. Nominate your favorite product leader by March 11, 2022. Judges from G2, Venturebeat and Amplitude will review submissions and determine who makes the list. The Product 50 will be announced in May 2022.

Tell us who belongs on Product 50

Nominate as many people as you like—including yourself. But be cool, don’t nominate the same person more than once.


You can nominate someone for up to three categories. See the FAQ below for a description of each category.  


Most Admired Product Leader

Best Product Leader, Large Company

Best Product Leader, Midsize Company

Best Product Leader, Small Company

Most Promising Product Up-and-Comer

Best Digital-Native Product Leader

Best Digital Transformation Product Leader

Best Product Design Leader

Best Product Influencer

Best Nonprofit Product Leader

The judges


Justin Bauer

SVP of Product


Sara Rossio

Chief Product Officer


Nir Eyal

Author, Consultant, and Public Speaker


Ben Ilfeld

Head of Product

Benefits for Product 50 winners and finalists

Amplitude will celebrate Product 50 winners and finalists through website, blog, social media, and email promotions.


Winners will also receive:

  • Recognition in a VentureBeat article and newsletter
  • Two free passes to Amplify, the #1 product and growth conference by Amplitude, including exclusive access to executive events
  • Complimentary airfare and hotel for Amplify for winners
  • A clout kit to make it easy for winners to share the news with their networks
  • Invitation to exclusive Product 50 LinkedIn group
  • A champagne celebration package


What are the nomination categories for the Product 50?

You can nominate a product leader to the Product 50 in up to three out of ten categories. Judges will select 40 finalists and ten winners across the ten categories.


  • Most Admired Product Leader: Who up-and-coming product leaders aspire to be. 
  • Best Product Leader, Large Company: Works at a company with 1,000+ employees and has been instrumental to its product’s success.
  • Best Product Leader, Midsize Company: Works at a company with 100-1,000 employees and has been instrumental to its product’s success.
  • Best Product Leader, Small Company: Works at a company with fewer than 100 employees and has been instrumental to its product’s success. 
  • Most Promising Product Up-and-Comer: Not an executive yet, but sure to be making headlines in the product world one day. 
  • Best Digital-Native Product Leader: Works for a tech-native company and has contributed to its product’s success. 
  • Best Digital Transformation Product Leader: Works for a non-tech-native company and helped it launch or enhance its digital product(s). 
  • Best Product Design Leader: The brains behind a product known for its seamless, engaging and intuitive user experience.
  • Best Product Influencer: Has a track record of building successful products and now makes it a priority to advance product thinking across industries. 
  • Best Nonprofit Product Leader: Has helped a nonprofit organization launch a successful digital product.
Who should I nominate? What if they don’t have “product” in their title?

From product managers, to designers, to heads of data, to chief product officers, we want to honor the individuals leading the way in product innovation. Having “product” in a title isn’t a requirement. If someone impacts the how, why and what of digital product strategy, they are doing product work. You can submit as many nominees as you’d like. If your nominee fits multiple categories, please feel free to submit them for up to three categories.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes, we’d be disappointed if you didn’t!

Is there a cost associated with submitting a nomination?

No, there is no cost to nominate an individual for Product 50.

Are there any language or geographic limitations to nominate?

This award is open to all product leaders from around the world. We do ask that you please submit your nominations in English.

What’s the timeline?
  • Nominations are open now through March 11 
  • Judges will select winners and finalists at the end of March
  • Winners and finalists will be notified under embargo in early April
  • Winners and finalists will be announced in mid-May, and celebrated at Amplify May 24-26, 2022
How does the selection process work?

The nomination process will be open to the public, closing on March 11, 2022. Following the close of nominations, Amplitude will compile all submission information for the panel of judges to review. Amplitude reserves the right to remove duplicate, spam or fraudulent nominations as well as nominations that do not fit the criteria as outlined above. The panel of judges include Justin Bauer, SVP of Product, Amplitude; Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer, G2; Ben Ilfeld, Head of Product, VentureBeat. Each individual judge will score nominees based on a ranking of 1-5, with 5 being highest, for each of the below factors:

  • Innovation: Is this person impacting a product that is novel, cutting-edge or trailblazing? 
  • Business impact: Is this person responsible for a product that has led to significant business growth?
  • Diversity: Does this nominee bring a unique background, perspective or way of working to the table that enables their teams to be more successful?  
  • Influence: Was this person nominated by multiple people?

Scores will be tallied among all four judges. Out of the highest-scoring nominees, forty will be selected as finalists, and ten will be selected as winners across the ten categories. In the event of a tie or if necessary, judges will discuss and collaboratively select the finalists and winners based on the strength of submissions.

What is Amplify and how will winners and finalists be involved?

All finalists and winners will receive a complimentary pass to attend Amplify, the #1 product and growth conference. 

Winners will also be invited to the exclusive executive events at Amplify. Winners will also receive an additional general access Amplify pass to share with a friend or colleague. Complimentary airfare up to $1000 USD for domestic travel and $2000 USD for international travel, and hotel accommodations at the ARIA for the duration of the Amplify conference will be provided by Amplitude for the winners. (No complimentary airfare or hotel for guests).

No other fees or expenses associated with attendance at or travel to Amplify will be provided by Amplitude.  For winners and finalists attending the Amplify conference, Amplitude will not reimburse any meals, ground transportation to and from the event, airport parking, any visa fees required for travel, or any other fees or expenses associated with travel or attendance not otherwise disclosed.

How is nomination data being collected?

We do not store nominees’ data for marketing or sales purposes. Finalists and winners will have the opportunity to opt out of being included and promoted on the Product 50 finalists and winners list.