The Most Innovative People in Product

Recognizing the top 50 product and growth leaders developing boundary-breaking, business-making products around the world. Determined by a set criteria and scored by a panel of industry judges, only ten winners and 40 runners-up can be called the Product 50.


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Product 50 award categories

icon flag admired
Most Admired Product Leader

This person is who up-and-coming product leaders aspire to be.

icon globe
Best Product Leader, Large Company

Leader at a company with 1,000+ employees who has been instrumental to its product’s success.

icon building midsize
Best Product Leader, Midsize Company

Leader at a company with 100-1,000 employees who has been instrumental to its product’s success.

icon small business
Best Product Leader, Startup and Small Company

Leader at a company with 100 or fewer employees who has been instrumental to its product’s success.

icon promising lightbulb
Most Promising Up-and-Comer

This person isn’t well-known yet, but they’re sure to be making headlines in the product world one day.

Best Product Design Leader
Best Product Design Leader

This person is the brains behind a product known for its seamless, engaging, and intuitive user experience.

icon growth
Best Growth Product Leader

This person works within or with their organization’s growth team supporting customer acquisition, monetization, and retention.

icon transformation
Best Digital Transformation Product Leader

This person helped digitally transform its company by launching or enhancing its digital product(s).

icon thumbs up
Best Product Industry Influencer

This person is a well-respected voice, educator, analyst, journalist or other influential figure advancing the product industry through shared knowledge.

icon social good
Best Social Good Product Leader

This person leverages their product know-how for the betterment of their industry, their community, or the world.

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