More answers, more action, more results.

What makes Amplitude unique? The actionable, 360-degree-insight into your entire digital product and customer experience delivered across every digital team. Now that’s a game changer.

 Breadth & depth of insights
Breadth & depth of insights.

Instantly answer simple and complex questions with a 360-view of user journey across devices, channels, and products.

 Cross-functional data access
Cross-functional data access.

Remarkably high adoption and teams with common data and visibility increases decision quality and velocity.

 Built for speed & action
Built for speed & action.

Continuously innovate, measure and grow with a fully-integrated, lightning-fast analytics and personalization suite.

The alternatives won’t suffice.

Until now, there hasn’t been a system that deeply understands the customer behaviors and actions that lead to business outcomes where value is created – the digital product.

Web & Marketing Analytics are too surface level

You can’t answer the right questions, so teams are stuck tracking vanity metrics.

Business Intelligence tools require technical skills

You can get the wrong data. Insights are siloed and teams work slower or abandon data all together.

Surveys & NPS measurements are after-the-fact

Your business fails to adapt fast enough. Teams miss big opportunities for improvement.

With Amplitude

Teams can see the entire digital journey. You're empowered to understand, act, and innovate all while understanding outcomes.

Measure and optimize at the core of value creation

Move from measuring and targeting digital experiences on the surface to measuring it in the core of value creation: the digital journey and product experience.

Measure and optimize at the core of value creation

Increase monetization and funnel performance

Analyze cross-device customer journeys

Correlate actions to any outcome

Create campaigns that grow retention and loyalty

Delight users with 1:1 experiences

Predict future behaviors and forecast growth

Highest adoption across digital teams

Easy for everyone, no matter their experience
Click through your app, watch data load in real time, and immediately build charts and dashboards relevant to your role.

Next-level collaboration tools
Create storytelling content as you learn, share ideas with comments and quickly ramp new teammates with dashboard templates.

Optimized for teams of all sizes
Organize your insights in shared workspaces for teams, share charts and manage permission.

Highest adoption across digital teams
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“Amplitude is an order of magnitude easier to use for the entire cross functional group of stakeholders that we work with to build products.”

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Jonathan Hastings
Senior Product Manager

Trusted by the most valuable and loved digital brands on the planet.

A platform you can trust

Enterprise-grade data governance
Integrate, transform, and manage your entire data ecosystem — with precision data tracking for insights your team will trust and tools your engineers will praise.

Bank-grade security standards
Accredited with SOC2 Type-2 and ISO 27001 certifications, SSO support and user permissioning, and recognized AWS Partner for Digital Customer Experience.

A platform you can trust

Never build alone

With exceptional people and partners, there’s no limit to what you can build. Our resources go beyond understanding Amplitude to help you build great products and a data-driven culture.

Customer Success & Support
Customer Success & Support

Work one-on-one with a member of our team and get in touch with our award-winning support for fast, expert advice.

Customer Education
Customer Education

Enroll in virtual training courses, attend educational webinars or browse our extensive content library.

Customer Community
Customer Community

Find answers, ask questions, stay up to date on the latest topics and connect with other customers.

Partner Network
Partner Network

Work with best-in-class service providers for product management, growth marketing and analytics implementations.

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“With the continual improvement of the platform, support from our Success Manager, and even the pricing structure—you feel like Amplitude is on your side.”

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Alex Tew
Chief Executive Officer