Find and answer the right questions that drive growth

Amplitude is trusted by more teams to explore data and answer critical questions about what behaviors drive outcomes and what product experiences to build next.

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“Don’t use Amplitude to find answers. Use Amplitude to find the right questions and drive action."

Noah Rosenberg

Chief Digital Officer

Gold standard in product analytics

  • Analyze the breadth and depth of your customer journeyFocus on the big picture – find which users became high value customers, and the milestones that led them there.
  • See your product through the eyes of your customersMachine learning de-noises your data, and helps you identify what makes or breaks a great experience.
  • Flexible to track your unique metricsWhether you have one or multiple products, support multiple devices, or use basic or advanced analysis, Amplitude flexes to your needs.


Teams have switched from other analytics tools.

“Amplitude provides us a richer and deeper framework beyond what we could get elsewhere. We move faster, ideate quicker, and understand our users more deeply."

Eddie Lee

VP of Product

Highest adoption across digital teams

  • Easy for everyone, no matter their experienceClick through your app, watch data load in real time, and immediately build charts and dashboards relevant to your role.
  • Next-level collaboration toolsCreate storytelling content as you learn, share ideas with comments, and quickly ramp new teammates with dashboard templates.
  • Optimized for teams of all sizesOrganize your insights into shared workspaces for individual teams, share charts with anyone, and manage permission for everyone.


In data integrated, applications instrumented, and active weekly users.

“Amplitude is an order of magnitude easier to use for the entire cross functional group of stakeholders that we work with to build products."

Jonathan Hastings

Senior Product Manager

Data you can trust

  • Enterprise-grade data governanceIntegrate, transform, and manage your entire data ecosystem — with precision data tracking for insights your team will trust and tools your engineers will praise.
  • Bank-grade security standardsAccredited with SOC2 Type-2 and ISO 27001 certifications, SSO support and user permissioning, and recognized AWS Partner for Digital Customer Experience.
  • Enterprise-level performanceAmplitude can analyze billions of events in less than a second, and boasts a 99.99% platform uptime.


Trillions of user behavior actions tracked in the last year.

"Amplitude has saved us months of engineering investments into understanding user behavior in our products."

Gooi Chungheong

Principal Engineering Manager



Never build alone

With exceptional people and partners, there’s no limit to what you can build. Our resources go beyond just understanding Amplitude–we help you build great products and a data-driven culture.

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of the Fortune 100 and digital pioneers build with Amplitude.

“With the continual improvement of the platform, support from our Success Manager, and even the pricing structure—you feel like Amplitude is on your side.”

Alex Tew

Chief Executive Officer