Integrate Miro with Amplitude

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  • Connect Miro to your Amplitude account

With Amplitude’s Miro integration, you can easily search for and add Amplitude charts directly onto your Miro boards without switching back and forth between the two platforms.

To use it, you’ll have to find and install the Amplitude plug-in from the Miro Marketplace.

Feature availability

This feature is available to users on all Amplitude plans.

Install and use the integration

To set up the Miro integration, follow these steps:

  1. From within a Miro board, click >> in the left rail to begin the installation process. A fly-out panel with a list of installed and available apps will appear. Find the Amplitude plug-in and click it. If it is not immediately visible, click Get more apps to browse the Miro Marketplace.
  2. Next, you’ll authenticate the plug-in. In Miro, click the Amplitude icon in the left rail. In the Manage Amplitude Charts modal that appears, click Authenticate.

Once authentication is complete, click the Amplitude icon to manage your Amplitude charts. Begin typing in the search field to see a dynamically updated list of Amplitude chart names, which you can sort by creation or modification date.

To add an Amplitude chart to your Miro board, select it from the list of search results.

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June 6th, 2024

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