Bulk manage charts with Chart Cleanup

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  • Track and manage all saved charts in your organization

Admins may need to identify and delete unneeded charts from various projects. The organizational settings Chart Cleanup feature allows admins to search for and view saved charts from all projects to determine what can be deleted.

Feature availability

This feature is available with some Amplitude plans only. See our pricing page for more details.

View and delete charts

Navigate to Settings > Organization Settings > Chart Cleanup. The chart cleanup settings area will display organizational-level metrics representing the number of all saved charts, charts not viewed within the last 60 days, and charts saved by the admin. 

By default, Amplitude displays a list of all saved charts within the organization. It includes all saved charts with details about the fields owner, project name, last updated date, and last viewed date.

Click a metric to filter the list by metric type. Search for a saved chart by its title in the search field, with optional filters for owner, space, or project name.

Delete a chart by clicking the checkbox next to its name in the list, and then clicking Delete. Alternatively, click the checkbox next to Name in the field headers to bulk delete all charts in the list at once. You will see a confirmation modal.

Deleted charts are no longer accessible by anyone in the organization. The events used to build the deleted charts are not affected.

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June 17th, 2024

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