Kameleoon is a modern feature-management and product experimentation platform that helps you to ship faster by providing actionable causal analysis, meaningful data insights, and automatically running 10 times more experiments.


Keep these things in mind before sending events to Kameleoon:

  • You must enable this integration in each Amplitude project you want to use it in.
  • You need a paid Kameleoon plan to use this integration.
  • Amplitude matches the user_id to the ID within Kameleoon to associated events. If a user with that ID doesn't exist within Kameleoon, Kameleoon creates a user. Make sure that the Amplitude user_id field matches the Kameleoon ID field to avoid duplicating users.


  • The maximum size of event data is 1 MB.
  • You can't create more than 50 Kameleoon goals over a 10 seconds period.
  • You can't create more than 1000 Kameleoon goals over a 60 minutes period.
  • Amplitude sends all user, event, and group properties along with the event.


For more details on setting up this integration, see the Kameleoon documentation.

Kameleoon setup

Get your REST API key and project sitecode from Kameleoon.

  • REST API Key: Visit the Kameleoon documentation for help getting your API key.
  • Sitecode: The sitecode for your project lets Amplitude know where to send event data. For help finding your sitecode, visit the Kameleoon documentation.

There are no other setup steps in Kameleoon.

Amplitude setup

  1. In Amplitude Data, click Catalog and select the Destinations tab.
  2. In the Event Streaming section, click Kameleoon.
  3. Enter a sync name, then click Create Sync.
  4. Toggle status to Enabled.
  5. Paste your API key and sitecode.
  6. Toggle the Send events filter to select the events to send. You can send all events, but Amplitude recommends choosing the most important ones.
  7. Use the Event Properties filter to select which Event Properties you would like to send.
  8. When finished, save your work.

Use cases

Here are a few common use cases for this integration:

  • Automatically send Amplitude events to Kameleoon to create highly targeted optimization campaigns.
  • Enhance the targeting definition and analyze results of your A/B/n tests with Amplitude event data.
  • Re-implement an existing Amplitude tracking plan in Kameleoon from the Amplitude events generated by your users.
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April 18th, 2024

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