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Refiner maintains this integration

This integration is maintained by Refiner. Contact the Refiner support team for support with this integration. 

Refiner is a user feedback and customer survey solution designed specifically for data-driven SaaS teams. It enables these teams to gain a more profound understanding of their users' needs, gauge customer satisfaction, enhance retention rates, and conduct research to inform their future product development strategies.


  • This integration is available to customers with paid Amplitude plans.
  • You must enable this integration in each Amplitude project you want to use it in.
  • You need a paid Refiner plan to enable this integration.


Refiner setup

  1. In Refiner, navigate to Settings.
  2. Copy the API Key and Segment ID to your clipboard.

Amplitude setup

  1. In Amplitude Data, click Catalog and select the Destinations tab.
  2. In the Cohort section, click Refiner.
  3. Click Add another destination.
  4. Enter API Key and Segment ID.
  5. Map the Amplitude User_ID field to the Refiner User_ID field.
  6. Save when finished.

Send a cohort

To sync your first cohort, follow these steps:

  1. In Amplitude, open the cohort you want to sync, then click Sync.
  2. Select Refiner, then click Next.
  3. Choose the account you want to sync to.
  4. Choose the sync cadence.
  5. When finished, save your work.

Use cases

  1. User Onboarding Improvement: Identify struggling user cohorts in Amplitude and send them to Refiner for targeted feedback. Use this data to optimize your onboarding process, resulting in higher user satisfaction and retention.
  2. Feature Prioritization: Segment users based on feature engagement in Amplitude and send cohorts to Refiner. Gather feedback to guide feature development priorities, ensuring alignment with user preferences and needs.
  3. Churn Prevention: Spot potential churn risk cohorts in Amplitude, send them to Refiner and collect feedback. Proactively address user concerns to prevent churn and enhance customer satisfaction and retention strategies.
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July 4th, 2024

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