Movable Ink (Event Stream)

Movable Ink activates any data into personalized content in any customer engagement and is a powerful extension to the technologies that marketers use today. The platform easily connects to all relevant data—no matter where it lives—updates based upon a recipient's most recent interactions, and is auto-generated by the platform.


  • You must enable this integration in each Amplitude project you want to use it in.
  • You need to be an admin of a paid Movable Ink plan to enable this integration.
  • Relevant limits for Movable Ink events are:
    • Movable Ink does not impose any hard limits on quantity or velocity. If you send requests too quickly, Movable Ink returns 429 responses. Amplitude will handle these automatically.
    • Requests must be smaller than 2MB.
  • Amplitude sends select event and user properties along with the event.



To configure an Event Streaming integration from Amplitude to Movable Ink, you need to retrieve these items from Movable Ink:

  • Tenant Token
  • Basic Authorization Header

Movable Ink setup

  1. Log in to your Movable Ink account.
  2. Navigate to Customer Data Endpoints with the dropdown navigation at the top-left of the screen.
  3. Click New Endpoint.
  4. Add an Endpoint Name, Vendor, and Description. Click Create Endpoint.
  5. Movable Ink displays an Endpoint URL. Copy this URL for use in Amplitude in the next step. Use the Access Key ID and Access Secret to create an HTTP Basic Authorization header, which you'll paste into Amplitude in the next step.

Amplitude setup

  1. In Amplitude, navigate to Data Destinations, then find Movable Ink - Event Stream.
  2. Enter a sync name, then click Create Sync.
  3. Toggle Status from Disabled to Enabled.
  4. Paste your Endpoint URL (taken from the Movable Ink platform).
  5. Paste in your Basic Authorization Header Value.
  6. Toggle the Send events.
  7. In Select and filter events choose which events you want to send. Choose only the events you need in Movable Ink. This integration does not support Transformed events.
  8. (optional) In the Select additional properties section, select additional properties which Amplitude will send to Movable Ink. Amplitude sends only the properties you select. This integration does not support transformed event properties or transformed user properties.
  9. In the Send Users section, be sure to enable the Users are sent to Movable Ink toggle to stream users and their properties to Movable Ink. When you enable this feature, Movable Ink creates or updates users whenever an event is sent to Amplitude. Amplitude also forwards Identify API calls to Movable link. This integration does not support sending users on a schedule or on demand.
  10. (optional) In the Select additional properties section, select any additional user properties you want to send to Movable Ink. Amplitude sends only the properties you select here. This integration does not support transformed user properties.
  11. When finished, enable the destination and Save.


Movable Ink requires additional data mapping in their application. Contact your Movable Ink CXM for next steps.

Use Cases

  • Generate personalized content: Generate personalized content relevant to each user using event data from Amplitude.
  • Analyze and Segment Users: With Amplitude's analytics capabilities, you can analyze user behavior, identify patterns, and create segments based on specific actions or attributes. For example, you may identify a segment of users who have recently made a purchase or visited a specific page.
  • Send Event Data to Movable Ink: After you define your segments, you can configure an integration or data pipeline to send the relevant event data from Amplitude to Movable Ink. You can do this with APIs, web hook integrations, or other methods supported by both platforms.
  • Personalized Content Generation: Movable Ink's platform receives the event data from Amplitude and uses it to dynamically generate personalized content for each individual recipient. The content can be tailored based on the user's recent interactions, such as showcasing related products, displaying personalized recommendations, or referencing specific actions they have taken.
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April 22nd, 2024

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