With the Qualtrics cohort export integration, you can export Amplitude user cohorts into an existing mailing list in your Qualtrics XM directory.


  • In Qualtrics, your cohorts appear as [Amplitude] <cohort name> (<cohort ID>), with a value of active. If a user doesn't exist in Qualtrics, a contact is added to the mailing list. See the Qualtrics documentation for more information.
  • This integration supports only Email as a user_id mapping option.


You need to complete setup simultaneously in Amplitude and Qualtrics.

  1. In Amplitude Data, click Catalog and select the Destinations tab.
  2. In the Cohort section, click Qualtrics.
  3. Click Connect to Qualtrics and follow the directions on the Qualtrics site to authorize Amplitude to send cohorts to Qualtrics.
  4. In a separate window, log in to your Qualtrics XM account.
  5. Click the profile icon. From the My Account menu, select Account Settings.
  6. On the Qualtrics IDs tab under Directories, find Default Directory and copy the ID (it starts with POOL_).
  7. In Amplitude, paste this ID into the Directory ID field.
  8. In Qualtrics, locate Data Center ID (under User) and copy the ID, a short string of lowercase-alphanumeric characters.
  9. Back in Amplitude, paste the ID into the Data Center ID field.
  10. In Qualtrics, find a mailing list ID.
    1. Click on the hamburger menu and select Directories.
    2. In the Segments & lists tab, click Lists.
  11. Select the mailing list you want to add exported Amplitude cohort to. If you don't have a mailing list created, or want to export users to a new list, click Create a list and follow the instructions.
  12. In the URL (for example https://org.qualtrics.com/iq-directory/#/POOL_XXXXX/groups/lists/CG_XXXXX) retrieve your mailing list ID, starting with CG_, from the end of the URL.
  13. In Amplitude, paste this ID into the Mailing List ID field. Then enter a name in the Name field to identify your destination.
  14. Select an Amplitude user property. It must contain an email address for each user, such as [Amplitude] User IDemail, or a valid custom user property.
  15. Save when finished.
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April 18th, 2024

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