OneSignal offers a powerful multi-channel platform that includes mobile and web push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS, and email. When you integrate OneSignal with Amplitude, you can develop sound messaging strategies that drive user engagement and optimize conversions.

OneSignal and Amplitude work together to enable you to sync cohorts from Amplitude to OneSignal to send targeted messaging.

For more information on how to set up and use this integration, see OneSignal's documentation.


  • This integration is only available for customers who have paid plans with both OneSignal and Amplitude.
  • You must enable this integration for each Amplitude project you want to use it in.
  • This integration doesn't support anonymous users. You have to set a user ID for each user to identify them between Amplitude and OneSignal. From OneSignal, you can use the external id to do this. 
  • The Amplitude Integration is available with OneSignal Growth package and higher tiers. Contact OneSignal Support with any questions.


OneSignal setup

  1. In OneSignal, navigate to Settings → Keys & IDs.
  2. Copy the App ID and the API key.

Amplitude setup

  1. In Amplitude Data, click Catalog and select the Destinations tab.
  2. In the Cohort section, click OneSignal.
  3. Enter a name, your OneSignal App ID, and API key.
  4. Map an Amplitude user ID to the OneSignal external ID.
  5. Save when finished.

Send a cohort

  1. In Amplitude, open the cohort you want to export. Click Sync, and choose OneSignal.
  2. Choose the destination.
  3. Select the sync cadence.
  4. Save your work.

After you export the cohort, you can create a segment in OneSignal that includes the cohort. See the OneSignal documentation for more information.

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April 18th, 2024

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