This integration combines Amplitude's analytics with Airship's customer engagement tools into one unified system. Use this integration to interact with any user segment or cohort via push notifications, in-app messages, and more to advance your app engagement or conversion goals.

You can also send events from Airship to Amplitude if your Airship plan includes real-time data streaming. For more information, visit the Airship documentation center.


  • To schedule daily and hourly syncs, you need Amplitude Audiences.


If you use Amplitude's SDKs, integrate both the Airship and Amplitude SDKs in your app. Then follow the instructions in these articles link key identifiers:

If you use Amplitude's HTTP API to send server-side events, you can send these key identifiers as user properties via Identify API.

In the app code, link identifiers between the two services. See the following code samples, depending on your platform.


Amplitude recommends you store your Airship Channel ID as a custom user property in Amplitude, named UAChannelID.

1AMPIdentify *identify = [[AMPIdentify identify] set:@"UAChannelID" value:[UAirship push].channelID]; [[Amplitude instance] identify:identify];

1AMPIdentify *identify = [[AMPIdentify identify] set:@"UAChannelID" value:[UAirship push].channelID]; [[Amplitude instance] identify:identify];

1curl --data 'api_key=040062a5d38552315b98302ba4f2f' --data 'identification=[{"user_id":"", "user_properties":{"UAChannelID":"12345-6789-01234"}}]'

To confirm you've configured it correctly, look up your test user or device in Amplitude. See the UAChannelID property stored as a user property at the top of your user profile.

Amplitude setup

  1. In Amplitude Data, click Catalog and select the Destinations tab.
  2. In the Cohort section, click Airship.
  3. Enter your Airship API keys.
  4. Map your Airship ID to an Amplitude ID. Amplitude recommends mapping UAChannelID in Amplitude to Auto Channel ID in Airship; however, you can map user ID, device ID, or any user property in Amplitude to any Airship ID.
  5. Save your work.


Auto Channel maps to the channel ID of the correct platform (Android or iOS) in Airship automatically.

Airship setup

Create a tag group in Airship called "Amplitude".

  1. In Airship, navigate to Settings -> APIs and Integrations and click Tag Groups.
  2. Fill in the tag name, description, and group key. Be sure to set the group key as "amplitude".

After you deploy the application update, you can sync cohorts.

Send a cohort

To sync cohorts between Amplitude and Airship, follow these steps:

  1. Create a behavioral cohort in Amplitude. Make sure your cohort contains at least one user.
  2. In the behavioral cohort, click Sync in the menu, and select Airship. Your Airship dashboard begins processing this cohort as a new tag under the "Amplitude" tag group.

After the tag finishes processing, compose your message in Airship's Message Composer. The Amplitude-defined tags are in the search bar, under the Amplitude tag group. The tags created in Airship have [Amplitude] as a prefix.

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April 18th, 2024

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