See Amplitude in Action

Watch videos to see all Amplitude has to offer and how teams close the insights-to-action loop with the fully digital analytics platform.

Intro to Amplitude

Intro to Amplitude
Real Time Data Management
Behavioral Graph
Scale and Innovation

Amplitude Analytics

New Amplitude Interface
Understand Your Customer Journey
Conversion Drivers Properties Demo
Anomaly + Forecast Demo

Amplitude Experiment

Deliver Personalized Experiences
Scaling Experimentation
View A/B Test Data with Experiment Results

Amplitude Session Replay

2-min Session Replay Demo
Session Replay Full Demo

Amplitude CDP

Amplitude CDP in 7 mins
CDP Full Length Demo

Amplitude Audiences

Introducing Amplitude Audiences
Self-Service Recommendation Engine
Behavioral Targeting Overview
Predictive Cohorts + Audiences Overview

Use Cases

Driving Repeat Purchases
Acquire and Onboard Users Faster