From Clicks to Loyal Customers:

5 Proven Strategies to Boost Customer Engagement

Cultivate customer relationships that last with five best practices for boosting engagement—and retention and revenue. Learn how major brands used these strategies to drive growth.

Table of Contents
                Strategy #1

                Develop a Customer-Centric Strategy

                Above all, an emphasis on customer engagement requires a shift in focus—from acquiring new customers to enhancing the experience of the ones you already have.

                • Set goals that align with customer needs and expectations. Link business KPIs that tie to the user experience—such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), website traffic conversion, and app downloads—to customer engagement. This ensures tangible improvements that keep your customers returning.
                • Create a customer experience strategy. Tie together business metrics and insights based on customer behavior to create meaningful interactions in the channels where your customers spend their time.
                • Design customer journeys to ensure consistently excellent experiences. Delight your customers with consistency. Many brands might be able to offer one satisfying, frictionless experience. But the ones who pull it off again and again? They are the lucky few who earn customer loyalty, the kind that translates to deep engagement. What they have in common: multichannel offerings with robust functionality grounded in consumer psychology and user experience patterns.
                Rappi focuses on experimentation to improve retention

                Colombia’s first unicorn ecommerce company Rappi turned to Amplitude to discover which behaviors affect long-term retention. They found that retention increases with every additional order a customer places in their first few weeks on the platform. Equipped with that insight, Rappi set its goal to boost the number of users who place a specific number of orders in their first 20 days. Rappi discovered the best way to achieve this goal by undertaking a series of experiments, tracking the impact with Amplitude’s Cohorts, Funnels, AB Test View, and Retention analyses.