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PLG Clinic: The Onboarding Edition

Userflow founder, Esben Friis-Jensen, evaluates the Meet Robbie onboarding experience live. He'll talk through how to trim the excess and focus on what truly connects with users. From honing the 'try for free' invitation to crafting the initial touch that leads to that 'Aha' moment, this session promises a treasure trove of insights.

Onboarding best practices:

  • Set Goals: Understand what you want to achieve with onboarding, such as increasing conversion rates or specific plan types. Benchmark those goals using industry data.
  • Understand Your Target Audience: Be specific about who you're targeting so that you can personalize the onboarding experience. (Focus on what your best paying customers look like.)
  • Start Onboarding Early: The journey begins before users even visit your website. Utilize marketing channels like SEM, SEO, and content marketing to set the right expectations.
  • Transparent Pricing: Allow users to see if the cost aligns with their budget. You want to attract people who have the right budget.
  • Guide Users to Aha Moments: Understand and guide users towards the moments where they realize the value of your application.
  • Action-Driven Guidance: Instead of bland “next” tours, make it engaging and action-driven.
  • Align Email Onboarding: Make sure that email follow-ups align with in-app experiences.
  • Track and Measure: Continuously track and measure success to refine the onboarding process.
 Onboarding best practices:

Questions for your onboarding experience:

  1. [16:33] What is your goal for onboarding, and who is the target persona?
  2. [17:06] Is the onboarding geared towards conversion to a paid plan?
  3. [18:09] Who is the typical user, and what would they search for on Google?
  4. [18:29] Does the initial messaging on the website resonate with the target persona?
  5. [22:47] Is the terminology used understood by your users? Do these words add value to the user during onboarding?
  6. [27:45] What is the key "aha" moment for your product?
  7. [29:40] Is there a clear path to support for users?

The People

Esben Friis-Jensen
Esben Friis-Jensen

Esben is co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Userflow. He was formerly Chief Customer Officer at Cobalt, driving a customer-centric perspective across all business-critical processes, including sales, product, finance, and support.

Prior to becoming part of Cobalt’s founding team in 2013, Esben was a consultant at Accenture, where he specialized in test and deployment management of global IT implementations, particularly large-scale SAP implementations.

Jonathan Crockett
Jonathan Crockett

Jonathan Crockett is the Co-founder and Software Architect of Meet Robbie, where he's innovated virtual and hybrid meetings through a multi-tenant SAAS web application. With a solid background in back-end development, he's also played key roles at The Farmer's Dog and Huge, developing internal tools and user interfaces. From code to customer insights, Jonathan's work reflects a passion for efficiency, quality, and understanding the needs of users.

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