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The live workshop for total beginners in product-led growth


What You’ll Learn

In this 60-minute live workshop hosted over Zoom, you’ll run through tasks from the perspective of a product manager at a music streaming app.

Using Amplitude and data for this app, you’ll learn how to:

  • See the popular actions that users perform
  • Build a funnel and analyze the drop-off between certain actions
  • Find the behaviors that drive conversion
  • Perform an analysis to see which behaviors lead to long-term conversion

By the end of the workshop, you’ll see how your learnings impact the growth strategy for your music streaming app.

Why You Should Attend

Product-led businesses are more than 5.5x likely to see >25% revenue growth year over year.

Being product-led means that everyone—no matter the team they sit on—has access to data and can get insights about why customers:

  • Perform high-value actions
  • Gain value from the product
  • Keep coming back over time

AmpliTour is the first stop on your journey to product-led growth. Attend one 60-minute session, and you just might become an analytics rockstar.