AmpliTour: The Live Hands-On Workshop

In this 60-minute live workshop hosted over Zoom, you’ll run through tasks from the perspective of a product manager at a music streaming app.

Using Amplitude and data for this app, you’ll learn how to:

  • See the popular actions that users perform
  • Build a funnel and analyze the drop-off between certain actions
  • Find the behaviors that drive conversion
  • Perform an analysis to see which behaviors lead to long-term conversion

By the end of the workshop, you’ll see how your learnings impact the growth strategy for your music streaming app.

Register for the series

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Who This Is For

If you’re totally new to analytics tools—or if you need to see what the product-led growth craze is all about—this is the workshop for you.

We regularly see business leaders, marketers, designers, product managers and data scientists attend AmpliTour.

How It Works

Once you select an AmpliTour session, you’ll get a Zoom link to join the live workshop at the date and time you selected.

Each workshop is 60 minutes and hosted by a product-led growth expert.

When you join AmpliTour via the Zoom link, the host will introduce all participants to your workshop mission, tell you a bit about the music streaming app you “work” for, and will take you into Amplitude to begin exploring the data.

Each session will wrap up with a group discussion about how to drive growth for the music app. Some AmpliTour sessions will also reward participants with a custom prize.