Influence Revenue by Predicting Future Behavior

Amplitude Engage uses machine learning to determine users' likelihood to convert, make a purchase or churn. That helps you deliver the right experience to the right person at the right time and grow your business.

Pre-built integrations with the growth stack

Supercharge Your Growth with On-demand Predictions

Generate predictions in minutes to power campaigns that typically see 5-20% lift over past performance.

Anticipate Activation, Retention, Upsell and LTV

  • Identify high-value usersFind out which users are most likely to be big spenders or have a high LTV
  • Predict almost any outcomeFlexible modeling lets you set outcomes on any event, property or combination
  • Scale predictions across your businessOur Nova AutoML System builds the model and delivers predictions in minutes


Decrease in Acquisition Costs (CAC)

“Amplitude Engage makes it easy to deliver relevant, targeted campaigns to our entire user base. As a result, we’ve been able to reduce our acquisition costs by 30% while also increasing first-time orders by 10%. We could not have achieved those results without Amplitude Engage.”

Guillermo Plaza Roche

Co-Founder & Product Lead

Build Audiences by Likelihood

  • Score every single userEngage assigns probabilistic scores to users that refresh every hour, and the underlying models retrain every day
  • Hone in on high-leverage segmentsSelect any segment using behavioral attributes for engagement, or their predicted scores for personalization
  • Understand the behaviors driving the outcomeSee the events and properties influencing your predicted outcomes and get transparency into accuracy and reliability


Conversion-to-View Rate

“With Amplitude Engage, iflix has improved campaign conversion-to-view rates and increased ad revenue four-fold by leveraging behavioural segmentation to target users.”

Emmanuel Frenehard

Chief Technology Officer

Power Personalization Across Your Stack

  • Optimize for predicted likelihoodTailor engagement frequency, offers and discounts, and recommendations to expected future behavior and/or interests
  • Automatically sync audiencesSend data to pre-built integrations with top marketing automation platforms and ad networks
  • Master in-product experiencesExport prediction scores to feature flagging tools, like LaunchDarkly or Amazon S3


Click-Through Rate

“What’s best about Engage is that it’s been sustainable. It wasn’t something that we found worked for users just at the beginning because they were getting a new type of content. We’re consistently noticing an increase in CTRs.”

Andrew Hutchings

Director of Customer Experience

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