Bad data, bias, misinterpretation—there are so many ways that mobile app metrics can lead you astray if you aren’t careful. Here are some posts to help you identify all the mistakes that you can (and should) avoid to make the most of your app’s analytics.

5 Cognitive Biases Ruining Your Growth

As data-driven as we try to be, all organizations are essentially and necessarily human-driven. And humans, naturally, are riddled with irrationality and biases.

Why Your Analytics Needs to Track Across Multiple Platforms

You may think you have a handle on your user behavior, but unless your analytics are fully cross-platform you’re not going to be getting the full picture.

Stranger Than Fiction: Four Stories From the Weird World of Startup Analytics

How do you explain apps that soar in popularity for a day, then tumble back down into obscurity? Data, of course.

6 Common Myths About Analytics Vendors

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) is all too common in the mobile analytics world. Here are a few things to think about when you hire your next analytics vendor.

You Say You’re Data-Driven, We Call Bullshit

Few businesses actually understand what it means to have a fully integrated culture of data.

4 Logical Fallacies Ruining Your Analytics

The biggest challenge in understanding your analytics today isn’t the data itself or how it’s presented. It’s adjusting for bias.

New data shows losing 80% of mobile users is normal, and why the best apps do better

Andrew Chen explains why mobile apps understand acquisition to succeed but not retention.

A Great Analyst’s Best Friends: Skepticism & Wisdom!

Avinash Kaushik on why numbers rarely tell the truth. Skepticism is every analysts’ best friend.

Mobile traction is getting harder, not easier. Here’s why.

Great products aren’t enough writes Andrew Chen. Here’s a new way to think about launching and growing an app.