February 16, 2022

Amplitude Named in Three Now Tech Reports as Market Shifts from Digital Transformation to Digital Optimization

Independent research firm recognizes Amplitude in customer analytics, customer journey management, and real-time interaction management overview reports

SAN FRANCISCO, February 16, 2022Amplitude, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMPL), the pioneer in digital optimization, today announced its inclusion in three Forrester Now Tech reports focused on customer analytics, customer journey management, and real-time interaction management. Together, these three market segments make up the foundation of digital optimization—each encompassing the growing need to leverage data for actionable insights that help organizations know, keep, and grow their customers. The reports highlight customers’ growing demand for a single system that delivers a real-time, all-in-one analytics solution that drives visibility, velocity, and growth. 

As companies transition beyond digital transformation to become product-led organizations, they’re realizing it is essential to have actionable data and insight into how customers are using their products. Whether that’s understanding user journeys, adapting experiences in real-time, or analyzing behaviors and outcomes, Amplitude’s Digital Optimization System plays a critical role in accelerating digital business growth.

Most recently, Amplitude’s product analytics solution was included in the Forrester Now Tech: Customer Analytics Technologies, Q1 2022 report, which Forrester defines as solutions that help leaders use data to win, serve and retain customers. In Q4 2021, Amplitude was recognized in two other Forrester Now Tech reports. Its Journey Management Platforms, Q4 2021 report names solutions that empower organizations to map and orchestrate user journeys in order to improve customer experience and business results. Forrester’s Real-time Interaction Management, Q4 2021 report identifies marketing technology solutions that help teams deliver contextually relevant experiences to customers at the right moment.

“Today, the product is the business, and that’s having an impact on every part of an organization. Leaders are turning to Amplitude to be the command center for managing, measuring, and optimizing the business value of their digital product innovation,” said Spenser Skates, CEO and co-founder of Amplitude. “Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive, unified system for teams to optimize their digital customer experiences and outcomes. These Forrester reports are proof that the technology that sits at the cross-section of data, insights, and actions is essential to driving innovation and business growth.” 

G2’s 2022 Best Software Awards ranked Amplitude as the #3 best software product overall and #5 best enterprise product, highlighting deep customer trust in Amplitude’s award-winning technology. The G2 Winter 2022 Report also ranked Amplitude as the #1 Product Analytics solution for the sixth quarter in a row and #3 in Digital Analytics. Combined with the Forrester Now Tech reports, these industry analyses underscore the need for actionable insights into customer behavior to drive revenue and competitive advantage. 

“To create seamless and engaging experiences for our customers, data has become an essential part of our product strategy,” said Timothy Hey, group product manager at Procore Technologies. “With Amplitude, we have a centralized, single source of truth for our product data that not only gives us visibility into how our customers use our product but also helps our team innovate faster and smarter.”

As a leading global research and advisory firm, Forrester releases Now Tech reports that classify established technology players based on annual revenue as well as functionality specific to the markets being covered. The Forrester Now Tech evaluation includes the market definition, an explanation of business value, an overview of primary market segments, and more.

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