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Mastering Engagement

Engagement is the lifeblood of digital products.

If you can’t first engage your customers, you won’t be able to keep them around long enough to show them ads, get them to make a purchase, or upgrade from their free trial—and you definitely can’t retain them.

We know keeping customers engaged is hard work.

In the digital age, there are thousands of apps and websites dividing up our attention in a hundred different directions and most products disappear into obscurity almost as soon as they’re out of the press spotlight. Mastering Engagement, Volume 2 of our Product Analytics Playbook series, cracks open the never-ending game that is user engagement and offers new ways to think about hard problems.


Topics inside Mastering Engagement

Mastering engagement cracks open the never-ending game that is user engagement, and offers new ways to think about hard problems.
  • The “three games” of customer engagement companies play
  • The engagement ladder to get new users to and beyond the aha moment
  • How to make your existing users sticky
  • And finally, best practices on building the modern engagement stack
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