In this chapter…

66% of new users abandon apps within the first week of install. If you can’t show new users value early on, it doesn’t matter how good your product is – you’ll have lost them forever. How do you make sure your new users have a great early experience and arrive at an ‘aha moment’? How do you get users to see enough value from your product that you can get business value back from them?

By the end of this chapter of Mastering Engagement, you will learn why new user activation matters for the longterm success of your product, how to think about new user activation in three phases, and how to analyze new user growth without using vanity metrics.

You’ll also get to read a case study on how Blue Apron used Amplitude and Optimizely to understand how to better activate their new customers.

What You’ll Learn:

  • 2.1 - Defining growth in new users
  • 2.2 - Breaking down new user activation
  • 2.3 - The ladder of engagement
  • 2.4 - Measuring new user activation
  • CASE STUDY: How Blue Apron uses A/B testing and product analytics to activate more new customers

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