I think of user engagement as the fuel powering products. The best products take that fuel and propel the product and with it, the company forward. -Sarah Tavel – General Partner at Benchmark, formerly Product Manager of Search & Recommendations at Pinterest

Engagement Games is Volume 2 of our Product Analytics Playbook series. In this book, we crack open the never-ending game that is user engagement, and offer new ways to think about hard problems. You can download Volume 1, Mastering Retention, here.

Most products disappear into obscurity almost as soon as they’re out of the press spotlight. Research shows that the average app loses almost its entire user base in just three months.

Even if the latest media buzz or marketing campaign brings in a wave of new signups, most products miss the mark on delivering actual value to their new users—and if those users don’t find meaningful value early on, they’re gone before you have a chance to show them anything more. That’s why having a strategy for user engagement is so critical.