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The New Era of
Digital Optimization

Harness the power of product data to maximize growth.

Amplitude powers your 
personal and daily work lives.

Digital disruptors choose Amplitude.

Join the thousands of companies around the world leading the digital disruption movement with Amplitude.

The most transformational aspect of Amplitude is where the sophistication of its user analytics back end and the simplicity of user front end meet. And what you get is this system that’s really catered to everyone, which means that anyone in the organization can get closer to the customers.”

Jian Wei Hoh
Global Head of. Business Design, Strategy & Analytics

We leverage Amplitude to discern user intent and tease out the right moments to engage and support our customers’ Walmart journey, regardless of where they engage or make a purchase.

Sherry Thomas-Zon
Director of Mobile Marketing

Before Amplitude, product managers, engineers, designers that had questions relied on my team. It wasn’t an efficient and it meant a large portion of questions weren’t answered. Now, everybody uses Amplitude.”

Ivan Galea
VP Head of Analytics and Data Science at Atlassian

Optimize the business value of digital product innovation.

Make the right digital product bets.

Know and predict which combination of features and customer actions in the product (we’re talking billions of them) translate to business outcomes—revenue, loyalty and lifetime value.

Innovate and act with speed, intelligence and precision.

With insight into which behaviors lead to outcomes, intelligently adapt and personalize each individual experience. Deliver the right experience to the right person at the right time.

Unify every team with common visibility.

Bring a common set of customer behavior and engagement data to every team, from products to marketing and beyond. The result: better decisions, faster actions and transformed experiences.

Amplitude is #1 in Analytics.

Don’t just take it from us. Users have ranked Amplitude #1 in Product Analytics for the 5th consecutive time.
And it’s not just for product teams. Every digital team can harness the power of product analytics to drive better business outcomes. That’s why we are ranked by G2 as one of the customer favorites across all software categories.

“Amplitude has changed the way we do business.”

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