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Amplitude is built on modern machine learning and generative AI technologies that enable product teams to build smarter, learn faster, and create the best digital experiences for their customers. Use Amplitude AI today to bring power to your products.

Amplitude AI super powers

Amplitude AI is a suite of AI-powered features that helps you navigate every aspect of building great digital products, from getting your first user behavior insight to delivering the perfect personalized experience to your customers.

Ask Amplitude

Instantly go from business questions to insights—no expertise required.

Powered by large language models, Ask Amplitude understands your product, your taxonomy, and your language to frame your analysis in the right way. Just type a question, and we'll share a chart with the answer you need.

Are you an existing Amplitude customer that wants early access to Amplitude AI solutions and features? Join our AI design partner program.

Data Assistant

Automate the cleanup, enrichment, and governance of your data so anyone on your team can access trusted insights.

Built off best practices gleaned from thousands of Amplitude customers and over 40 trillion events processed, Data Assistant makes governance effortless.

Intelligent always-on monitoring

Never miss an important change in your product. With root cause analysis and regression models, uncover the "why" behind the movement of your metrics.

Get notified via email or Slack as soon as your digital product behavior deviates from your expectations so that you can act immediately.

Predictions and recommendations

Leverage state-of-the-art AI recurrent neural networks that understand what your users are going to do next and how to best influence them.

Automate campaign targeting with real-time syncs and APIs that serve customer data to your marketing platforms and digital product.

Personalized AI-powered assistance

Having trouble interpreting a chart, building a cohort, or writing a formula? We’ll do the heavy lifting for you so you don’t have to.

Pick and choose from a variety of suggestions, so you can move fast and stay in control.

2,000+ companies trust Amplitude

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"With Recommend, we’ve found the perfect balance between optimizing revenue and creating fun for our customers. You know when you’re listening to a Spotify playlist and think, 'Wow, Spotify just gets me?' That’s the feeling we’re able to create."

Patrick Gordon

Principal at Jumbo Interactive

Privacy and compliance

We built Amplitude to protect both customer and end-user data. The development of our AI technologies does not change our commitment to privacy by design and our high standards for security safeguards. We have a robust system of controls in place and provide access control, data management, and other tools to enable our customers to build better products that leverage the power of Al in a compliant and privacy-forward way.

We are committed to providing transparency and flexibility for our customers in their use and adoption of Amplitude AI.


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