Amplitude Behavioral Graph

The brains behind the system.

The Behavioral Graph is the most intelligent, highest performing database for digital behavior on the planet—built for the scale, speed and complexity of modern digital products and teams.

Amplitude Behavioral Graph
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Correlate every product feature and customer, whether it’s thousands or millions of them, to understand the optimal path to business outcomes across the digital journey.

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Navigate and query complex data to get instantaneous answers, whether it’s viewing user paths, building cohorts to test hypotheses or predicting future outcomes.

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Machine-learning sorts through messy data to instantly find patterns, make predictions, and intelligently adapt each experience in the moment based on their behavior.

Make sense of complex digital journeys.

We invented a fundamentally new way of joining complex user and product data so you can understand the impact of any random set of customer actions.

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Intelligence and actions at the speed of digital.

The Behavioral Graph makes every capability smarter—which makes every customer more confident in every decision. So, what’s possible with the Behavioral Graph?

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Instant Query Results

To ask questions, drill in deeper and find new ideas, you need analytics that finds answers immediately without technical overhead.


To see what user actions lead to long-term changes in behaviors, you need data that can find relationships across the entire journey.

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Root Cause Analysis

To spot anomalies and pinpoint their cause, you need real-time, intelligent data that can determine why spikes or dips happened.

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Behavioral Targeting

To make in-the-moment personalization a reality, you need to be able to identify the right users to target at the exact moment of their interaction.

1:1 Recommendations
1:1 Recommendations

To adapt the right message, content or product to each user, you need powerful machine learning coupled with historical behaviors.

Let’s get technical

Purpose-built for deep, interactive behavioral analysis and behavior-driven personalization.

Complex distributed joins
Perform complex joins across users, events and attributes in seconds.

In-house column store
Leverage a high-performance query engine designed specifically for advanced behavioral analytics.

Automated ML models
Predict behaviors, forecast growth and enable real-time recommendations with a behavioral-driven approach.

No-code, flexible UI & workflows
Easily apply and compare user segments to enable comprehensive, interactive analysis.

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Meet our Chief Architect and inventor of the Behavioral Graph.

Watch Jeffrey Wang, Chief Architect at Amplitude, whiteboard how the Behavioral Graph is built and why it’s impossible to replicate.

Ready-made infrastructure accelerates innovation.

Building custom data structures and BI environments only costs organizations more money and effort—and ultimately never matches the potential of what’s possible with Amplitude.

Why BI and custom builds fail…

Data platforms that are not built for complex, interactive, real-time behavioral analysis

SQL and technical skills limit access to data scientists and technical PMs

"Blank canvas" visualization tools lead to undiscovered insights and costly investments for basic digital metrics

Actionless—Limited connection to streaming behavioral data sources or destinations to adapt experiences

What you get with the Behavioral Graph…

Purpose-built behavior database that scales and answers any question instantly

Finds signals & emergent behaviors that impact growth and roadmaps

Predicts future behaviors like likelihood to convert, buy or churn

Uncovers correlations and causation to deepen customer understanding

Powering the Digital Analytics Platform

The Behavioral Graph is always learning, making Amplitude Analytics and Amplitude Recommend applications faster and smarter. More intuitive analytics for better decisions. More automated personalization for customer results.

When the system gets smarter, your business gets smarter. And when your business gets smarter, you win.

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Architecture for Understanding User Behavior

We built an in-house column store that is designed specifically for behavioral analytics. We call it Nova.

Re-Architecting the Analytics Engine behind Amplitude
Re-Architecting the Analytics Engine behind Amplitude

Introducing Nova 2.0, our new architecture built to improve performance, reduce query latency, and cut server costs.

AutoML arts | a New Architecture for Predictive Insights
Introducing AutoML: A New Architecture for Predictive Insights

We’ve enhanced Nova—the analytics engine behind Amplitude—with an automated machine learning layer that enables predictive insights.