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Welcome to the era of Digital Optimization.

Daily use of digital products is up 50% — are you ready?

So, you’ve had a digital transformation. Now what?

Digital optimization provides a new depth of insights into customer behavior to understand what drives impact. You can use these insights from the products you’ve built to continuously innovate and grow.

Digital transformation drove the last era of technology innovation, digital optimization will drive the next.

Digital Transformation

“Back office” modernization
Efficiency and operations
Products support the business

Digital Optimization

“Front office” modernization
Innovation and growth
Products run the business

If your digital products don’t grow with your customers, your business won’t either.

Don’t set your digital transformation out to pasture. Companies that rely on marketing data and use business intelligence tools are 10 steps behind modern organizations with modern tools. Legacy tools were not built on product data and don’t understand in-product behavior. They weren’t built for the scale and complexity of digital products. And, they don’t provide actionable, real-time insights. Most businesses don’t have the insights they need to make their products work. That means losing valuable customers and revenue.

New digital apps and services will be created by 2023

IDC FutureScape, October 2019

How digital optimization works

Digital optimization tells you how your digital product drives your business. With product and customer behavioral data, you can figure out what changes to make based on the actions that correlate to impact.

It provides insight to adapt experiences to each customer and gives teams a common lens into data, helping transform their function, from launching brand-defining marketing campaigns to reimagining customer support.

The Amplitude Behavioral Graph

Digital optimization can only be achieved with a behavioral-based, cross-platform approach that captures and makes sense of what users do.

The Amplitude Behavioral Graph is a purpose-built, proprietary database for deep, real-time behavioral analysis and personalization – instantly correlating customer actions to outcomes.

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