From Clicks to Loyal Customers:

5 Proven Strategies to Boost Customer Engagement

Cultivate customer relationships that last with five best practices for boosting engagement—and retention and revenue. Learn how major brands used these strategies to drive growth.

Table of Contents
                Strategy #3

                Design and Deliver Personalized Experiences

                Today, almost every business may be digital, but the old rules of what wins a customer’s loyalty still apply: remembering personal details, special access to their favorite things, and discounts on the products they regularly use.

                While the prospect of doing this without a human touch may seem daunting, businesses have found new ways to cultivate meaningful customer relationships.

                • Deliver tailored experiences. Track and analyze data in real-time to meet your customers’ needs as they arise. Interventions such as in-app modals, chatbots, push notifications, and custom pricing can help keep customers engaged based on a granular understanding of their interactions.
                • Make it seamless. Drive cohesive experiences that mirror today’s omnichannel reality. That means customizing experiences across devices, browsers, or applications. You can even do this for anonymous users by leveraging identity resolution to track users across their journey, identify conversion friction, and nudge them towards a better experience.
                • Get emotional. Track your customers as they move through your product so you can interact with them at critical moments in ways that evoke emotional responses. That might be an email applauding their taste in viewing a particular item or a pop-up message alerting them that the item is running low.
                • Segment for accuracy. Make sure you’re targeting the right customers. This means going beyond demographics to customize your offerings for key behaviors, such as browsing history, purchase frequency, purchase recency, and marketing campaign interaction—email open rates, ad clickthrough rates, content downloads, etc.
                NBC drives retention with user insights

                With its easy-to-access, real-time insights into user behavior, Amplitude has allowed NBCUniversal to build what Eddie Lee, NBC Entertainment’s Senior Vice President for Product and Technology, called a “scalable framework for experimentation.” NBC uses Amplitude’s Cohorts, Conversion Drivers, and Engagement Matrix to understand test performance and identify opportunities for additional tests. The media giant found particular success with its experiments to tailor its app homepage to user history, which boosted Day 7 retention by 2x.