From Clicks to Loyal Customers:

5 Proven Strategies to Boost Customer Engagement

Cultivate customer relationships that last with five best practices for boosting engagement—and retention and revenue. Learn how major brands used these strategies to drive growth.

Table of Contents
                Strategy #4

                Enable Curiosity

                Continuous learning and improvement fuels customer engagement. How? Employees feel empowered to ask questions, seek insights, and find creative solutions to customer needs. This leads to a customer-centric culture where teams can move nimbly to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

                • Deliver exceptional experiences by democratizing data. Cultivate a culture of curiosity that inspires your teams to ask and follow questions posed by the data they and other teams collect. Those second, third, and fourth questions yield a complete picture of the customer experience and where and how it can be improved to drive customer engagement.
                • Foster a customer-centric culture with accessible insights. Equip employees across your business with the tools and resources they need to uncover insights from customer behavior—and share them with their peers on other teams. This allows them to prioritize efforts that your data shows will enhance the user experience for the audiences that matter most.
                Showcase IDX uses data to boost community engagement and retention rates

                In 2020, eXp Realty, a global online brokerage, acquired Showcase IDX, which provides WordPress plugins for the real estate industry. The company wanted to enhance user experience and drive web traffic growth but faced a major obstacle. Despite relying on Google Analytics and SQL queries, Showcase IDX couldn't understand how its features shaped consumer behavior or what kept users coming back. This left Showcase IDX with “massive blind spots.” That's when Showcase IDX turned to Amplitude. With Amplitude, data became integral to Showcase IDX's operations, inspiring a new design philosophy focused on mobile interfaces. After revamping its user experience, the company witnessed a significant improvement in retention rates—almost 25 percent.