Acquisition Playbook

Mastering Customer Acquisition Strategy

Learn proven frameworks to acquire—and keep—new and repeat customers who reward your brand with their business again and again.

Table of Contents

                      Acquire customers who will grow your business with Amplitude

                      In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, simply acquiring customers is no longer enough. Successful businesses acquire active customers who make their products a part of their daily lives.

                      Amplitude helps by providing essential insights into the customer journey that you can use to inform your acquisition strategies—and to facilitate activation. Amplitude guides you to answer questions such as:

                      • How do specific channels or campaigns affect downstream conversion?
                      • Which channels or campaigns drive the most active users?
                      • Why do newly acquired users abandon your product?
                      • Which product features do users favor?

                      Leverage these insights to draw active and engaged customers—and start growing your business.