Acquisition Playbook

Mastering Customer Acquisition Strategy

Learn proven frameworks to acquire—and keep—new and repeat customers who reward your brand with their business again and again.

Table of Contents

                      Meet the experts

                      Get to know the contributors who graciously shared their acquisition expertise for this playbook.

                      • Weston Clarke is a principal product manager at Amplitude. He currently leads the Growth product team, where he’s focused on helping new customers get successfully onboarded and activated to Amplitude. Before Amplitude, he worked on product teams at Redfin and Uber and was a consultant for Accenture.
                      • Mark Fiske is an operating partner focused on marketing and digital transformation at H.I.G. Captial, where he partners with portfolio organizations to develop and build comprehensive marketing and digital strategies. He is also a program creator and advisor at Reforge, where he co-created the Growth Marketing course.
                      • Katie Geer manages acquisition at Amplitude across paid and organic channels. Previously, she worked in product at Redfin, focusing on experimentation, SEO, and data instrumentation.
                      • Laura Schaffer is the vice president of growth at Amplitude. Prior to this role, she spent over 10 years leading product management and growth teams at Twilio, Bandwidth, and Rapid.
                      • Anthony Severo is the founder and CEO of Inclined, an ecommerce marketing agency. Throughout his career, he has worked on digital strategies with some of the world’s largest companies, such as Macy's, Intuit, and Williams Sonoma.
                      • Drew Teller is the director of growth at Labelbox, where he drives and owns growth strategy for the business. He is also the author of TheProductLed newsletter, where he writes about all things growth marketing.