North Star Playbook

The guide to discovering your product’s North Star

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                        Authors and Contributors

                        About the Authors and Contributors

                        John Cutler, Lead Author

                        John Cutler currently works as a product evangelist at Amplitude. Prior to working at Amplitude, John was a UX researcher at AppFolio, a product manager at Zendesk,, AdKeeper and RichFX, a startup founder, and a product team coach. John’s key focus at Amplitude is helping teams foster an environment conducive to learning and fully integrating measurement into day-to-day product development.

                        Jason Scherschligt, Co-Author and Editor

                        Jason Scherschligt is a product management, user experience, and strategy executive, and a consultant, speaker, and writer. Jason has held content and product leadership roles at the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper, Capella University, Jostens Corporation, GoKart Labs, and Edmentum Corporation. Jason has a masters degree in English from the University of Chicago. He lives with his wife and kids outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota—the North Star state.

                        Amplitude Contributors

                        Much of this playbook is drawn from the experience of Amplitude, a product analytics SaaS company. Some of the content originally appeared in whitepapers, presentations, and blog posts from Amplitude. Amplitude has worked with thousands of product teams and leaders, and we regularly conduct workshops on a variety of product topics, including the North Star Framework. We also use the North Star Framework ourselves.

                        Amplitude contributors to this playbook include:

                        Justin Bauer – VP of Product
                        Sandhya Hegde – VP of Global Marketing
                        Abbie Kouzmanoff – Product Manager
                        Dana Levine – Product Manager
                        Parth Misry – Analytics Practice Lead
                        Archana Madhavan – Product Marketing
                        The Coach – Amplitude Team


                        The authors are especially grateful for the insights of the product experts who reviewed early drafts of this book.

                        1. John Albrecht
                        2. Micah Andrews
                        3. Rami Banna
                        4. Felipe Barbosa
                        5. Markus Bernhardt
                        6. Josh Bruce
                        7. Macdara Butler
                        8. Federico Casabianca
                        9. Viktor Cessan
                        10. Mathew Cropper
                        11. Colin Curtin
                        12. Bruce Epstein
                        13. Megan Gleason
                        14. Patrick Gregory
                        15. Tristan Harward
                        16. David Heath
                        17. Chanade Hemming
                        18. Chris Hill
                        19. Catherine Hills
                        20. Amy Hoy
                        21. Christopher Janzen
                        22. Nate Kerl
                        23. Maike Küper
                        24. Justin Lai
                        25. Charles Lambdin
                        26. Kristofer Layon
                        27. Hartog de Mik
                        28. Renee Murphy
                        29. Tom Newton
                        30. Alexa Nguyen
                        31. Kieran O’Neill
                        32. John Phamvan
                        33. Ty Pierce
                        34. Steve Portigal
                        35. Lex Roman
                        36. Kate Rutter
                        37. Galina Ryzhenko
                        38. Pavel Samsonov
                        39. Rob Sehr
                        40. Kurt Schmidt
                        41. Michael Schofield
                        42. Chris Shinkle
                        43. Michal Subel
                        44. Jen Swanson
                        45. Stan Tead
                        46. Aarthi Videep
                        47. Nick White
                        48. …and more (current updating from latest round of feedback)