Announcing the Winners of the 2022 London Hackathon

An enthusiastic group of Product Managers, Designers, and Developers were challenged to push their technical and creative limits to combine data analytics and storytelling. Read on to see what they built.

Announcing the Winners of the 2022 London Hackathon

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Meet the Winners πŸ†

Projects were judged on storytelling elements, use of data, and creative wow-factor. There were four categories in total plus an overall grand prize winner.

βœ… Grand Prize Winner - Check

Check is a mobile application that notifies the user twice a day to check off the goals they have achieved.

The user selects goals and logs when they've reached a goal. They are then notified of their new streak and are returned to the home screen to see any updates on their progress.

The goals are sent as events to Amplitude, where they are ingested, processed into segmentation charts and funnels and the data is returned back to the application to show the user their progress and infer how they can better achieve their goals when compared to others in their cohort.

Grand Prize Winner - Check

πŸ“– Telling Stories with Analytics - Masurian

Masurian makes sense of the noise. It combines Amplitude user data with external data. This is analysis enrichment.

In this example, the team used Masurian to understand what was driving spikes in umbrella sales on specific days. By overlaying data from the Met Office, the umbrella product team saw a direct correlation between storm activity and umbrella sales.

Telling Stories with Analytics - Masurian

πŸ’‘ Use of Amplitude Products - Smart Amp

Smart Amp helps publishers and advertisers pull in behavioral user data to personalize content and advertising experiences. The personalization targets a specific website, tracks user behavior, and feeds that back to the website to serve more relevant, recommended content.

The assumption is a more personalized experience improves the user experience and can lead to more content consumption and ad conversions.

Use of Amplitude Products - Smart Amp

πŸ“ Amplitude Data Sources - CSV Uploader

CSV Uploader allows teams to save a bunch of time by allowing them to do exactly that - upload CSV files directly into Amplitude.

CSV Uploader successful message

🐩 Amplitude Data Destinations - AmpliPoodle

AmpliPoodle a data visualization tool that uses AI-generated images to help us have a better understanding of our personas. The team's hypothesis is images could play a critical role in understanding data and helping people make the right decision based on the data they see.

Using dogs as a use case (plenty of breeds, dog-alities, and who doesn't love dogs?), the team built segments and cohorts in Amplitude enriched with external dog data. Using AI, the team created visual representations of different user groups within their product.

🐩 Amplitude Data Destinations - AmpliPoodle

β€œI loved the Amplitude hackathon - made friends, had fun, and built Masurian.”

author photo
Maurice Banerjee Palmer
Senior Product Manager

Project Gallery

But wait there's more. (There's always more!)

Check out more projects from the hackathon:

🧐 Conflict Analytics - Analyzing Ukraine Conflict Data

↔ Microsoft Office Integration - Extend Amplitude to Microsoft Office

πŸ–Ό IFrames in Amplitude - Add an IFrame chart type, so Amplitude users can embed web pages in their Amplitude Dashboards

🎯 Company Matcher - Matching jobseekers to companies that match their values

That's a wrap!

A huge thank you again to everyone that attended our 2022 London Hackathon. In the face of train strikes, cold weather, and much temptation to spend the weekend staying in, a group of resilient analytics and hackathon fans gathered in London on the 26th of November.

Much fun was had, incredible energy was felt throughout, and many many socks were won via the iconic "Amplitude wheel of swag." 🧦

Needless to say, we're already looking forward to the next one. More challenges, in more cities, with more friendships to be had and more prizes to be won.

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