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PLG Clinic: Product-Led Marketing with Drew Teller

Drew Teller, Director of Growth at Labelbox, takes on a live product-led marketing use case. He works with head of Growth at Navattic, Natalie Marcotullio, to identify opportunities to get more prospects to try the product before they even have to sign up. Get an inside look at how Drew approaches product-led marketing.

▶️ Session play-by-play

  • (4:36) What is product-led marketing?
  • (8:55) Get people to interact with the product before signing up
  • (9:37) Marketing through product education using anonymized user data
  • (11:31) Leveraging SEO and a template library to acquire users
  • (15:48) PLM as a way to showcase the product without heavy dev resources
  • (17:23) What you get from interactive demos vs pre-recorded ones
  • (18:46) Why product-led marketing is demand capture, and not demand creation
  • (20:05) For platform products, PLM is a way to get different personas to specific features that deliver a powerful aha moment
  • (20:57) Product-led marketing is a way to ungate your product and create a freemium motion without giving everything away
  • (22:59) How product-led marketing greases the product-led sales motion (and ways to include this in your PQA score)
  • (24:11) Finding an SEO-adjacent tactic where you build out a template ecosystem to get prospects hooked on the product
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“Product-led marketing is a way to capture demand for your product and lubricate your conversion rate. It's a way to get people into the product faster. ”

Drew Teller
Director of Growth

The People

Drew Teller
Drew Teller

Drew Teller is a growth operator and creator of TheProductLed newsletter, known for actionable dissections of real products and their PLG strategies. Drew currently works on the growth team at Labelbox focusing on their product-led growth tactics and strategy.

Natalie Marcotullio
Natalie Marcotullio

Natalie Marcotullio is the Head of Growth and Operations at Navattic, where she focuses on helping SaaS companies give their prospects a better buying experience. She has a background in SEO and digital marketing for B2B sales and marketing SaaS. Over the years, her focus has shifted to full-funnel marketing and improving the digital buyer experience.

Principal Growth Marketing Manager
Principal Growth Marketing Manager

Esther heads up community at Amplitude and is part of the growth marketing team. Passionate about the intersection of data and human behavior, Esther's spent her entire career in B2B marketing to break open complex categories.

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