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Product Analytics for Dummies

Amplitude worked with Wiley Books to put together an easy-to-understand resource on using product analytics to build better product experiences for your customers.

Customer Case Studies

With Amplitude, this leading, language-learning platform built a self-service BI solution to enable its rapid growth.
This premiere subscription-based TV provider reinvented the way it builds product with insights from Amplitude.
With Amplitude, this self-publishing platform is scaling up with confidence
With Amplitude, the personal finance site is helping their engineers find the resources they need, faster than ever.
The UK’s largest independent pharmacy business is using Amplitude to help them build an omnichannel pharma experience
The fitness company upped its digital game when it switched to Amplitude.
With key insights from Amplitude, this icon in technology-based language learning boosted its retention, lesson completion, and subscription rates by …
The social casino maker is using Amplitude to drive engagement and retention.
With Amplitude, this popular social fundraising site is helping users create more successful campaigns.
How the leading app for sport fishing used growth-focused CRM efforts to improve their retention and accelerate user growth.
With insights from Amplitude, the media giant is making data-driven decisions that are delivering significant gains in viewership.
This leading entertainment company uses Amplitude across many teams to help drive conversion, inform content strategy, assess campaign performance, an…
With Amplitude’s behavioral analytics, a talent management company transformed the way they build products, cutting costs and saving time
With Amplitude, the software review company is gaining actionable insights into user behavior.
The open-source video conference solution turned to Amplitude for critical data analytics in a moment of unprecedented demand.
With Amplitude, this maker of accounting software for small businesses uses critical data insights to drive KPIs, engagement, and revenue.
Using Amplitude, this free planning and shopping app doubled its CTRs for personalized campaigns
Using Amplitude, iflix increased its conversion-to-view rates by 4x.
Using Amplitude, this leading French news publisher revamped their website to drive subscriptions and improve retention.
How MINDBODY used Amplitude to find key user segments, drive engagement, and increase conversion by 35%
Driving engagement and ARPU for Crunchyroll’s 50-million streaming video users
Using behavioral cohorts in Amplitude, the online language academy improved mobile conversion to subscription by 4.5X and substantially grow their mob…
Using Amplitude, this leading Latin American startup drives personalized experiences to increase revenue.
Their popular new products rely on Amplitude Engage to target the right users at the right time.