Improve user engagement

Increase engagement metrics like activity and time spent by ensuring your best features are the most prominent.


Discover your product’s user personas based on their behavior patterns.

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Benchmark the engagement and stickiness of new features against existing ones.

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Personalize your product based on what you’ve learned in Amplitude.

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Automatically identify personas that matter

Discover new personas in your product based on their engagement across all features. Categorize personas based on actions and instantly view their conversion and retention rates.


Benchmark features on engagement and adoption

Understand how users engage with all the features in your product, and benchmark the stickiness of new features against old ones. Watch engagement improve as you make your best features more prominent in your product.


Personalize your product for customer love

Personalize your product content and messaging with automated audience syncs to your marketing and engagement tools.

Amplitude has saved us months of engineering investments into understanding user behavior in our products.
Gooi ChungheongPrincipal Engineering ManagerMicrosoft

Learn how Microsoft uses Amplitude to increase engagement

Working with Amplitude's product analytics solution, the MyAnalytics team discovered which features drive habitual use and increased user engagement by 4x.

Amplitude helps teams build better products


Democratize access to product data and metrics with easy-to-use and collaborative analytics.


Utilize behavioral reporting to see how users interact with your product.


Get instant, meaningful insights into what is and isn't working with a real-time platform.


Improve critical metrics like conversion and retention to drive revenue and impact for your company.

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