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Know how to drive outcomes

With Amplitude, you know how to optimize products and personalize experiences that drive engagement, sustainable acquisition and conversion, and long-term customer loyalty.

Optimize conversions

Understand and optimize your funnels for better onboarding, activation, free trials, and purchase conversion.

Grow retention

Identify actions, features, and products that correlate with higher retention and repeat purchases.

Personalize experiences

Use your first-party behavioral data to power targeted campaigns and boost ROI.

Turn data into impactful decisions

Amplitude is the platform that can answer what happened, why, and how to improve results.

Answer why users convert

Drivers of conversion

Build funnels and instantly see behaviors correlated to conversion and drop-off through defined paths in your product.

Insight into sustainable acquisition

Track all paths of new users and measure the conversions of free, regular users, or power users by any channel..

Activate more users

Uncover friction points in onboarding and critical conversion funnels and find the actions most likely to cause drop-off or cart abandonment.

Increase in conversion from online reader to paid subscriber.

“Amplitude helped us understand if the performance of the new website was better than the previous version and ultimately helped us confidently transition to the new website.”

Kevin Singer

Head of Audience Engagement

Increase customer lifetime value

Data-driven retention strategy

Out-of-the box charts uncover why users retain along the user’s lifecycle and identify behaviors that lead to retention.

Turn new users into power users

Know what features and actions turn newly acquired users into regular users, and how to turn regular users into top engaged users.

Repeat purchases and actions

See how users form product usage habits like engaging with specific content, following common paths or purchasing certain products.

Increase in retention by discovering what interaction hook users and when to trigger experiences.

“Amplitude is the closest thing to perfect that I’ve seen in an analytics tool.”

Sue Cho

Head of Lifecyle Marketing

Personalize products at scale

Deep behavioral targeting

Hyper-target users based on their lifecycle, content preferences, usage or purchase history, and intent.

Enable continuous delivery

Dynamically push audiences, or set up scheduled syncs that automatically update to support programmatic campaigns.

Integrated to the growth stack

Send user segments on-demand to platforms like Airship, Braze, Facebook, Marketo, Intercom, and more.

Decrease in acquisition costs, while increasing first-time orders by 10% and order size by 15%.

“Amplitude makes it easy to deliver relevant, targeted campaigns to our entire user base. It’s the central place for our teams to interpret behaviors, manage audiences, and measure impact so we’re able to move faster.”

Guillermo Plaza Roche

Co-Founder & Product Lead

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