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                                                          Product analytics

                                                          In today's data-driven world, it is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to have access to accurate and insightful product analytics. But what exactly are product analytics, and why are they so critical to monitor?

                                                          Below, let's explore product analytics, the benefits they provide, and review the essential features and capabilities of a robust product analytics platform.

                                                          What are product analytics?

                                                          As the name suggests, product analytics are designed for product management (and other) teams. These analytics aim to capture, analyze, and visualize data about your product and its users, helping you better understand product performance, user behavior (behavioral analytics), preferences, and customer journeys (and conversion funnels).

                                                          Product analytics can include data from various sources, including website traffic, in-app usage, self-serve paid conversions, and customer feedback. The insights gleaned from product analytics can help product managers, marketers, and sales teams alike optimize product performance and growth, identifying areas for product improvement and making data-driven decisions.

                                                          Product analytics tools

                                                          A complete product analytics platform should offer a comprehensive suite of analytics capabilities, including:

                                                          • user behavior analysis
                                                          • funnel analysis
                                                          • cohort analysis

                                                          Monitoring these, product managers can track how users navigate through their application, analyze user behavior and identify drop-off points, and segment users by behavior and other traits. Additionally, product managers can leverage product analytics tools to conduct A/B tests and experiment with new features or designs. By analyzing the performance of these experiments, you'll have data to support or debunk your assumptions about your product and its users.

                                                          Amplitude: a product analytics platform

                                                          We may be biased, yet the standout platform in this space is Amplitude Analytics. At Amplitude, we offer a comprehensive product analytics platform with various capabilities, such as user, event, and funnel tracking and segmentation features for detailed customer insights.

                                                          Amplitude Analytics dashboard screenshot

                                                          Amplitude provides product teams with a complete picture of how their products are used, their impact, and how to improve them. This helps product managers to make data-driven decisions and perform better customer engagement.

                                                          Amplitude simplifies complex data collection, allowing product managers to focus on extracting insights instead of figuring out how to collect data. Product analytics are used in various scenarios, from business process improvement and customer retention to pricing strategies and product roadmaps.

                                                          For example, suppose a product management team wants to increase retention rates. In that case, they will want to know how users interact with their product and identify the best time to prompt customers to increase engagement.

                                                          By tracking conversion rates of different features in the app, identifying the features with the most/least attrition, and optimizing them accordingly, the team can achieve better customer satisfaction and higher retention rates.

                                                          Getting started with product analytics

                                                          Product analytics is essential for marketers and product managers looking to improve their products, increase retention rates, and drive customer engagement.

                                                          Amplitude provides insights, visualizations, and a user-friendly interface to manage and analyze complex data sets. And it's completely free to get started.

                                                          When combined with a focused product strategy, product analytics can be a powerful tool for developing better products and improving the customer experience. By leveraging data at every stage of the product lifecycle, you can optimize your product strategy and achieve better business outcomes.