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Product Led Growth Masterclass Series

Learn from your peers – Enact change in your organization

Dec 8th, 2021
10 AM IST | 11.30 AM JKT | 12:30 PM SGT | 3.30 PM AEDT

Alfonso Mugshot

Alfonso Fiore

Chief Product Officer

Happy Fresh

Minal Thukral Mugshot

Minal Thakral

Executive VP Growth and Strategy


John Cutler Headshot

John Cutler

Product Evangelist



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Scaling data literacy

How do you take the expertise of a small number of analysts and scale that level of data literacy across the org?

Building the Experimentation Muscle 

How do you help teams build the experimentation muscle — ranging from forming hypotheses, to running experiments, to making it safe to discuss disconfirming results?

Bridging the product and marketing divide.

How do you enable collaboration between product and marketing to enable a more holistic focus on increasing customer lifetime value

Amplitude onboarding

How do you make every new employee an Amplitude superstar?

Data storytelling

How to craft meaningful narratives without success theater / certainty theater. Persuasion while remaining unbiased.

Exploratory Analysis

How to explore the data to unearth NEW opportunities for experimentation.

Discovering the behaviors of new product personas

How did you use the product to discover the behaviors of a new persona, and how did that discovery change the focus of your strategy.

The Key Insights

How did you use Amplitude to unearth a key insight about the value exchange / flywheel of your product, and what actions did that inspire?

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