Amplitude Announces Inaugural Pioneer Awards

SAN FRANCISCO, November 4, 2020 – Amplitude, the leader in Product Intelligence, today introduced its inaugural Pioneer Awards, which celebrate and recognize the companies and product leaders driving digital transformation and business growth. Digital transformation has accelerated from years to months or weeks, and the winners in the digital era are the companies who leverage the power of data to deeply understand their customers and provide great experiences.

Amplitude’s Pioneer Awards will recognize outstanding achievements of companies and product leaders across the following categories:

  • The Product Innovation Award: This award honors an individual who has used their deep understanding of customers to build and introduce a new, cutting-edge product, feature, or experience.
  • The Product Impact Award: This award celebrates an individual with a product experience that has delivered big outcomes and value for their business and its customers.
  • The Growth Architect Award: This award recognizes leaders who empower data-driven decisions by providing their organization with complete, trustworthy, and actionable data throughout their technology stack.
  • The Data Culture Award: This award singles out product, growth, marketing or C-level leaders who drive the transformation to a customer-first, data-driven culture.

“The digital era is here – and it’s here to stay. The innovators in this next era understand that providing great customer experiences and translating that to business growth is done at the point of digital engagement: in the product,” said Jennifer Johnson, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Amplitude. “We are thrilled to honor and showcase the companies and individuals that are making product-first a core tenant of their digital transformation and business growth strategies. We want to share these successes throughout the industry so all companies can seamlessly make the leap to digital-first.”

The Pioneer Awards follow Amplitude’s unveiling of its 2020 Datamonsters. These awards, announced at its Amplify event last month, recognizes customers who created the most broadcasted learnings in 2020 leading up to Amplify. A broadcasted learning is counted each time a chart, dashboard, or Notebook is consumed by multiple people within a seven-day period.

Nominations are welcome until November 25, 2020, and the winners will be announced by mid-December 2020. Nominees must be Amplitude customers to be considered. All Pioneer Award winners will be recognized with an opportunity to speak at Amplify 2021, the largest worldwide event for product and growth leaders, including complimentary event access and a winners’ celebration package.

To learn more and submit a nomination, please visit Amplitude Pioneer Awards.

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