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Product Development Conference Jakarta 2024

June 25-26, 2024 at Jakarta Convention Center

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Building customers for life: Strategies to drive customer engagement and loyalty

June 25 at 3:30pm at the Expert Stage

In an era of evolving consumer expectations, today’s digital users demand more than just reliable services; they seek personalized, intuitive, and seamlessly integrated digital experiences. Organizations need to innovate relentlessly to retain their customer base and build digital experiences that customers love and stay loyal to, and product teams need to adopt a proactive, product-led strategy that anticipates and integrates customer needs into the core of product development and innovation.

In this session, you’ll hear about:

  • Strategies to drive customer engagement and loyalty
    • Drive engagement and brand loyalty through personalization
    • Use behavioral data to inform your digital experiences
    • Power efficiency with self-service data access
  • Customer case study
Watch Us Live - Expert Stage

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