SQL access for custom analysis

Amplitude makes it easy to get complete, fast access to all your raw product data so you can leave no question unanswered.

Track any metric using Amplitude SQL

Year-over-year change of hourly purchasing users? Need four group by’s and an outer join? We’ve got you covered.

Easy access to an Amplitude-managed data warehouse

Amplitude uses Snowflake, the fastest analytics data warehouse in the industry, to offer customers raw access to their product data.

Benefit from Amplitude’s merged users and clean schema

Give your data science team access to a clean product schema so they can spend less time munging and more time building.

“Query has enabled us to break down which marketing and product initiatives are turning the most revenue. With the SQL charts addition, my team has been able to propagate important business findings across the entire organization.”

Riley Pannkuk, Product Manager, Double Down

Amplitude helps teams build better products


Democratize access to product data and metrics with easy-to-use and collaborative analytics.


Utilize behavioral reporting to see how users interact with your product.


Get instant, meaningful insights into what is and isn't working with a real-time platform.


Improve critical metrics like conversion and retention to drive revenue and impact for your company.