Analytics for everyone

Data should be part of every conversation and decision at your company — that’s the true mark of a data-informed culture. You need an analytics solution that allows everyone in your organization to understand user behavior at scale across multiple platforms, regardless of a person’s ability to code or level of analytics experience.

With Amplitude, you enable everyone at your company to learn from user behavior.

Behavioral Analytics

Uncover valuable user insights in just a few clicks. Understanding user behavior enables you to increase engagement, prevent churn, and drive revenue.

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Real-Time Analytics

See what’s happening now with real-time analytics. Start seeing data immediately after releasing a new feature or test so that you can build a better product, faster.

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Data Accessibility

Easily accessible data is critical to the success of your business. We help you move faster, focus on the product, and built a data-informed culture with better data access.

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Track and query all the data you need without sampling. Amplitude's user-centric, scalable architecture is custom-built for answering complex user behavior questions.

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Your users are on multiple platforms: web, mobile web, and native apps, to name a few. Unify user behavior data across all your platforms so you get the full picture.

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Get actionable user retention insights that show you how to prevent churn and grow your base of loyal users. Learn how to drive retention throughout the user lifecycle.

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Funnel Analysis

Investigate why some users convert, and others don’t. Optimize your conversion rates and visualize how users are navigating through your app or website.

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“We chose Amplitude because it has a fantastic look and feel and we’ve found it to have better out-of-the-box analytics capabilities than its competitors. It is truly a versatile and powerful platform.” Mike Murray, BI Systems Analyst, LogMeIn