Direct SQL Access

“We’re able to query our raw event data incredibly quickly with Amplitude’s Dynamic Redshift schema. Since Amplitude fully manages the data pipeline and Redshift cluster, all we need to do is log in and start answering complex questions.” Marcelo Savignano, senior business analyst, here Maps

Answer any Question with SQL Access to Your Raw Data

Answer your most complex questions

Direct access to your event data in SQL gives you the flexibility to answer even the most complex questions about user behavior. Amplitude is the only platform that combines out-of-the-box dashboards with SQL access to all your data.

Dynamic schemas optimized for query speed

Customized dynamic schemas adjust to your data’s structure on the fly, so that your queries are as fast as possible. No need to define schemas — we automatically create tables and columns as you send new events and properties.

Dedicated Amazon Redshift cluster

We use Amazon Redshift to provide you with query access to your data. You get your own dedicated cluster so that performance is never affected by other customers.

Download the Redshift Playbook—get custom queries for understanding user behavior.


Dashboard SQL Editor

Run and share queries in the dashboard

Use the dashboard SQL editor to run queries directly in Amplitude and share them with your team.

Save custom cohorts from queries

Run a query and save the resulting list of users as a custom cohort in Amplitude. You can use these cohorts throughout Amplitude for further analysis.