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In order to build a good product, you need to know who you’re building for, and what they need.

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The ability to understand what users want at scale is the foundation of a great product organization.

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This is why behavioral data is critical

Microsoft increased engagement 4x

Microsoft’s investment in behavioral analytics software is paying for itself. An Office 365 team has increased user engagement 4x.

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Insights in user behavior are best discovered by grouping users into clusters or cohorts. We created a worksheet to define yours.

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User behavior matters.

After we ship a feature, my most pressing question is, “are people using it and how?!” I want to know whether we made the right assumptions and built the thing people wanted. We built this page as a go-to resource for understanding all things user behavior, a critical step to building great products.

Be sure to check back too, because we’ll constantly update the content with anything we publish about how to better understand your user’s behavior. I hope you’ll bookmark this page for updates!

Carter Foxgrover
Principal Product Manager, Amplitude

What is behavioral analytics?

Behavioral analytics is the data that tells you how users behave in mobile applications or on websites. It goes beyond basic metrics like monthly active users or pageviews. Behavioral data reveals how users’ engagement with your product impacts retention, conversion, revenue, and the outcomes you care about.

A deep understanding of user behavior is necessary to increase engagement, retention, lifetime value, conversion rates, and ultimately, revenue.

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Understand how different behaviors impact your product metrics with this free worksheet.

Your product has a goal. At a high level, you want to drive either attention, transactions or productivity. Simply put, you want users to do X. Having a true understanding of user behavior means understanding all the behaviors that lead to X.

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Amplitude has saved us months of engineering investments into understanding user behavior in our products.
Gooi Chung HeongPrincipal Engineering ManagerMicrosoft

Amplitude enables you to understand user behavior through multiple lenses

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