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        As the market for technology and tools has grown, so too has the demand for resources to help businesses and consumers find the solutions that best fit their needs. Enter G2, which launched with the goal of becoming the most trusted source for peer-to-peer reviews, taking on legacy companies and start-ups alike.

        To fulfill this vision, G2 knew it needed to understand the needs of its users inside and out, including reviewers, buyers, and sellers. But with a data solution that wasn’t providing the information it needed, the company struggled to make informed decisions. When G2 made a product change, it had little more than a hunch whether it worked or not.

        Knowing it could do better, G2 turned to Amplitude, which stood out for its promise of partnership, deep market knowledge, and forward-minded approach. Sabrina Gordon, a product data analyst at G2, said the benefits of switching to Amplitude were immediately apparent, as the company moved from guesswork to data-driven decision making.

        Time for a change

        When Gordon arrived at G2, the company was using Mixpanel. But Gordon quickly recognized that the platform wasn’t being used because the data was unreliable. As she recalls, “it was a lot of guessing from our gut in terms of what would work and which features were successful. We just weren’t making data-driven decisions.”

        Gordon began to explore other options, hoping to find a solution that enabled her team to make better decisions and gave G2 the support it needed to trust its data, allowing the company to succeed, now and in the future. Amplitude’s commitment to innovation and drive to help create better digital experiences resonated with Gordon. In particular, she appreciated that Amplitude’s product intelligence platform went beyond product analytics to focus on data management and behavioral targeting.

        For me, it was a question of what company is going to be the best partner in implementing something new, helping make sure it’s successful with my team, and providing a strong product vision for the future.

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        Sabrina Gordon
        Product Data Analyst

        The Amplitude Advantage

        Gordon found what she was looking for with Amplitude, which impressed her from the start with the Amplitude team’s investment in learning about G2’s business model and goals. She would also soon discover that Amplitude would serve as a trusted guide to G2 in defining its data governance, data implementation, and change management processes. Amplitude’s investment in data management was particularly critical as it ensured G2 would be equipped with the trustworthy, accessible, and actionable data necessary for product analytics and behavioral targeting.

        The amount of time and collaboration was super useful in setting up the platform in a way that means we can use it for the long-term,” Gordon said, adding that follow-up training sessions focusing on other features were helpful. The best part is how easily others in G2 can access the data they need, she added. “Now,” Gordon said, “we’re sharing insights we weren’t even able to see before.”

        G2’s product, data science, design, engineering, and marketing teams are now using Amplitude to ask the right questions and find the right answers That’s a huge improvement over having only one person using Mixpanel. With 40 MAU and 100% of its product managers on Amplitude, the company is diving into accelerating important user milestones, improving conversions and driving retention. The company has already begun using Amplitude’s Funnels and Historical Count to learn more about whether viewing reviews for the first or third time will drive conversion rates. It’s also using Funnels, along with Amplitude’s Conversion Drivers, to better understand what experiences lead users to leave a review, while Historical Count and Retention help them understand whether posting a review for the second or fifth time will drive long-term retention. And to help drive retention among its sellers, G2 is using Amplitude’s Engagement Matrix and Cohorts to help the team understand what areas of the product are delivering the greatest ROI.